“ Ava is the best! We became friends right away. We had a lot of good times. Last year for my birthday we got our nails done and we had a lot of fun at the mall and our sleepovers are like a party.”

“I think it’s not fair what happened to George Floyd. I see the protestors point of view but I don’t know why some of them are hurting people and cops. Most cops are good and want to help.”

“Most people are good. There are some bad but most are good. It doesn’t matter of the color of skin. It matters who you are on the inside.”


“Tessa accepted me to be her friend and I was happy. She’s there for me all the time and is the greatest friend anyone could have.”
“Everyone is mad at what happened to George Floyd. The protests are getting really bad. People are breaking things and stealing and cops are throwing gas at them. Everyone is just not happy.”

“No one should be racist or anything and just respect each other and don’t be racist to anybody because it could make them feel bad. You should respect everyone’s color.”