NOT BORN TO HATE – Riddick and Dante


“I met Dante a long long time ago, like pre-school. He’s one of my oldest friends and I really couldn’t ask for a better friend. We just vibe together ya know. We have a lot of things in common, we just love hanging out. I know there’s a lot of controversy right now but Dante doesn’t really get bothered easily by things but if something did bother him I’d always be there for him.”

“One night I was really upset about losing a basketball playoff game. Ya know I was just really down and upset. I thought I needed a friend to help me cheer up, Dante was the first to come to mind. So I called him over and he came and made me feel better. He didn’t even have to say anything we just hung out like we always do and that makes me happy.”

“All cops aren’t bad. I think there are dirty cops but there are so many more good cops that shouldn’t be getting the hate that their getting. I don’t get how you can just dislike someone because of the color of their skin, we all bleed red ya know. I don’t get it. Judge people by their character and personality that’s how I think it should be, but some people judge others by their skin color and I think it’s disgusting in my opinion. We’re all the same, I mean different cultures but we have to stop the fighting.”


“Oh wow, I met Riddick a really long time ago uhhh man I don’t really remember when I just know we were really little. I have a really early memory of us at Tutor Time. We were 3 and Riddick was talking about dinosaurs and stuff and I just started laughing it was such a good time. I do know that if anything ever turned up that we would have each others backs no matter what.”

“People say cops are bad, that’s a wrong move. It was a bad move what that cop did to George and he should be put in jail. I do think people should be protesting peacefully instead of stealing because then they are being criminals. There are just people that don’t get it. If just one person there had said something they could’ve saved George’s life. There’s always good and bad people in anything, wherever you go there is always going to be a bad person around but you always have someone there who is good too and they will stick to doing good.”

“I’ve actually never had someone judge me by the color of my skin. I’ve never had that in my life and I think I would find it really hard to believe and I kind of find it sad. When I hear of people being discriminated against I just think it’s not right. One thing I would love to get off my chest is to all the people that want to riot and destroy stuff; Your basically hurting yourself because your hurting other people and your community. People need to understand that there’s going to be bad things, remember the good people there that will help you out.”